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    Drinking Alcohol, Miley Cyrus Protested

    Miley Cyrus make a sensation. While on vacation to Madrid, these teen star was spotted drinking beer in a bar. Seeing, The International alcohol awareness organization, an organization that makes rules about alcohol consumption, expressed strong protest against Cyrus. The rule, the age limit of beer or spirits drinkers are over 18 years. While Cyrus’ 18-year-old about two weeks. James E. Copple, chairman of the organization was revealed at TMZ, “A lot of teenagers who make Miley as a role model. If the bad behavior of the actress’s certainly capable of poisoning the other kids. And, we do not want bad things that happen.” Many rumors circulated that says Cyrus was acting like that, because of being stressed. Country singer’s daughter, Billy Ray Cyrus is ru
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    Rachael Leigh Cook Celebrity Airbrushing

    Rachael Leigh Cook is rallying against celebrity airbrushing because it pressures young girls to measure themselves against impossibly high standards. I did not grow up getting told about how manipulated the images we see of women and girls out there are, and I think its an absolute travesty that young women are seeing what the media is feeding them, Rachael Leigh Cook said. It breaks my heart to be part of an industry and part of a machine that really pushes out these images and propagates these really terrible standards that are false. Nothing that you see is real, even if you look at what looks like a candid photo of someone, anything can be done. It is false advertising and false advertising is a crime so why isnt this a crime? Im just up in arms about it. People need to know that
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