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    Floor Reading Lamps

    Floor Reading Lamps - One of the greatest advantages of Floor Reading Lamps is their portability. You can move them at will. They also work to augment the general lighting in your room, filling in darker pockets presenting an even finish to the room. However, to achieve the effect you desire, it is important to choose your Floor Reading Lamps wisely. The first thing to keep in mind is safety. Remember that Floor Reading Lamps were once considered to be dangerous additions because of their tendency to tip over. It is only in the last decade that better technologies have successfully removed these fundamental flaws in design. Today, Floor Reading Lamps have to meet the UL ‘tipability’ standard. This approval ensures that the floor lamp you choose has a heavier base, so there are
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    Online Streaming TV with Panasonic VIERA

    Building on its award-winning 2009 Plasma line, Panasonic’s 42-inch VIERA TC-P42G25 Plasma HDTV features a new panel with NeoPDP technologies that provide the best balance of black and white under brighter environments while also offering higher energy efficiency. The new NeoPDP Plasma panel also further reduces reflections and creates sharper pictures with higher contrast in brighter environments. This G25 series model provides 1080p resolution, full-time 1080 TV lines of moving picture resolution, and 600Hz Sub-field Drive for superb motion clarity. This and other models in the G25 line offer Panasonic’s improved VIERA Cast functionality, which enables you to stream Internet video and audio programming as well as turn this HDTV into a high-definition, wireless video conferen


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