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    Email Spam Blocker

    The title of actual too optimistic, seems to have a good tactic in the SPAM. Until now, no way to eliminate SPAM, which is to reduce SPAM. How much is used at this time mengotomatisasikan process pemilahan between e-mail is not SPAM and SPAM filters to implement the technology. The other things that can help reduce SPAM is: 1. If possible, use another e-mail (other than e-mail for business) when related to matters outside the business, such as a mailing list. Many spammers use the address from the mailing list to expedite they action. 2. Enable anti-virus and personal firewall on the PC. Most of the SPAM is now a virus or Trojan that can be possible on the PC systems and networks. Usually, the earlier Trojan program used to distribute SPAM e-mail to another address listed on the address
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    Create e-mail using Hotmail

    1. Go to www.hotmail.com. 2. Click Sign Up if you do not have a Windows Live ID. 3. Click on any posts Get it on the Windows Live Hotmail. 4. Fill your data in accordance with your circumstances. You can select the name of your e-mail and domain name, such, emailhotmail@live.com or myemailonhotmail@hotmail.com, or whatever name you want, click the check availability to see if the name you choose is available. 5. Click I accept when you are finished filling all the form provided. 6. E-mail you have finished running and you can start to create e-mail. How Easy to create email using Hotmail.


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