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    Laptop Toshiba Satellite L635 Kids

    If your child likes to touch your laptop, you may think will buy him a laptop that’s designed for kids. Toshiba and Best Buy has announced a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L635 Kids features a cordless keyboard and a software, as well as entertainment package that is designed to keep them ‘quiet’. Toshiba Satellite L635 Laptop Kids, is suitable for children between the ages of 5 to 10 years. Satellite L635 Kids is equipped with features 13.3-inch HD display, a built-in DVD drive, and webcam with software designed specifically for those who are still children. “Laptop has traditionally been a device that is built for adults, and devices that are marketed to children is usually a netbook or computer toy.” Said vice president and general manager, Toshiba America I
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    Dell Releases Thin Notebook, Based AMD

    Dell Releases Thin Notebook, Based AMD. Dell Inspiron notebook series introduces the newest technology that uses AMD’s Vision. Dell Inspiron 13z, series notebooks are designed to lightweight and compact. Using AMD Turion II Neo K625 II which has 1.49 GHz speed with 2MB of L2 cache, 13.3-inch notebook screen size can be fitted with up to 4GB of DDR3 memory. Notebook with Mobility Radeon graphics chip HD 4200 and HD resolution display that supports HDMI connectivity is also provided to connect your notebook to monitor or larger TV sets sail. “Equipped with a variety of applications that are easy to use, Inspiron 13z is the ideal mobile personal entertainment,” said Willy Hendrajudo, Marketing Manager for Dell Indonesia, in his statement, 3 September 2010. Thin size ie les


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